Is it time you improved your health? You have come to the right place. Chances are you know someone or have a loved one that is suffering from severe illness. It’s scary thinking that this might happen to you as well. There are ways to improve your health with small consistent steps that will help you be healthier and happier and reduce your chances of suffering illnesses such as:






Heart Disease

Hormone imbalance  etc…

You can take charge of your health and the time is now! 

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Brooke Murray is a Health and Wellness coach who specializes in Whole foods and natural living education and Essential Oils. She believes that food is medicine but that it also brings pleasure and celebration to our lives. Our health and the planets health are interconnected.  After going through an intense healing for several years Brooke learned how to enjoy cooking and food even when dealing with severe food sensitivities, fatigue and pain caused by Lyme disease, adrenal fatigue and antibiotic toxicity. After a cancer scare Brooke started to focus on disease prevention and teaches that when we continue to use harmful chemicals in our homes and on our bodies  the Earth is negatively affected as well as our personal health. Along with teaching clients how to live with less toxins for better health she Is also a Certified Hatha Yoga teacher a Reiki practitioner and a certified green living consultant and Certified urban farm planner.

Brooke has helped numerous people achieve a healthier lifestyle. S. O. U. L. is her model for living and teaching. Sustainable. Organic. Unprocessed. Local!

This means making choices that focus on foods that do not cause harm to people or the environment and that bring us the most nutritional value possible. As a teacher she provides her clients with the necessary information they need to achieve great health and to live more consciously and improve their health.  With a focus on disease prevention and healing foods/detox/body,mind,spirit/Reducing chemicals she brings a unique, compassionate and intuitive approach to her clients.

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